We are bankruptcy attorneys located in Middletown, Ohio.  Bankruptcy has been our main focus of practice for over 30 years.

We all go through tough times.  There are many factors that can cause us to struggle financially.  You could have lost a good paying job and had to take a new job making less money.  You could have had a medical emergency in which you incurred medical debt.  Maybe you have recently divorced.  There are so many factors which can cause hardship in our lives and throw us off balance as far as paying our debts go.  Robbing from Peter to pay Paul at the end of the month, sometimes it just does not work because Peter is broke too.  If this describes you in any way then bankruptcy may help you get a fresh financial start and break out of the prison of debt.


Bankruptcy is a federal code which will allow you to discharge your unsecured debts and get a handsfresh financial start.  Under the bankruptcy code once you file all collection efforts against you must stop.  This includes phone calls, court proceedings and garnishments.  Yes, you can stop a garnishment even if it has already begun once your file under the bankruptcy code.  Bankruptcy is designed to help people get out of debt, it is not a bad thing and if you file it does not mean that you are a bad person, just a person in a bad financial situation.


At our office we will offer you a free consultation.  At this free consultation you will be able to sit down with one of our attorneys and discuss your individual situation.  The attorney would then determine which chapter you would qualify for and guide as to the next step.  If you decide to questionmove forward a small retainer fee will get the process started and we will then accept payments until you have paid in full and then your case will be filed.  Once you decide to file and retain our office you should stop paying on bills that you do not want to keep and start referring your creditors to our office.  You would then submit all of your documentation so that your case can be prepared and once paid in full you would sign your documents and your case will be filed.  Your court date will be approximately four weeks after you file.  There are two credit counseling sessions which you will need to complete, one before filing and one after.  You would then receive your bankruptcy discharge and get your fresh financial start.  Creditors will no longer be able to collect on any debts which you included in your bankruptcy filing.


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We are bankruptcy attorneys located in Middletown, Ohio.  Our main focus of practice is bankruptcy for over 30 years.

Are you struggling with debt?  Many Americans struggle with debt every year. Looking for the untitledbest way out of debt can be exhausting and time consuming.  The most common ways out of debt are debt consolidation, debt management, debt settlement, do it yourself and bankruptcy.  It is best to determine the best way out of debt for yourself.  But be careful, believe it or not there are many unreliable and even predatory companies out there that will take advantage of you if you’re not careful.

In this blog we will cover these basic ways out of debt and I will show you why bankruptcy is the best way out of debt.


Debt consolidation is when you get a new loan to pay off your existing debts. The term “consolidate” means to group several things together into one, which makes sense since debt consolidation groups all of your existing debts into a new loan.  Doing this may lower your monthly payment and possibly your interest rate.

The problem with debt consolidation is you have not reduced your amount of debt, you have simply lumped all of your debt into one loan with one payment.  You are still accruing interest on this high balance and it will take years to pay off this single loan.

Entering into a Chapter 13 bankruptcy will also lump all of your debts into one low monthly payment.  However, in chapter 13 no interest will incur and you will only pay back a percentage of the debt you owe.


A debt management plan is a program offered by companies or non-profit groups that say they will help you negotiate a new payment plan with your current creditors.  The debt management company will negotiate your debts with your creditors and you will make a monthly payment to the debt management company directly, while they will pay your creditors for you.

There are several problems with the debt management plan.  First and foremost an honest debt management company is hard to find.  Unfortunately not all of these companies are honest in what they are selling you and how they distribute your funds.  We have had more than one client say they paid to one of these companies without ever seeing their balances go down.

Bankruptcy is held in a federal court.  All bankruptcy attorneys are governed by their state bar association, which means we are legit and will not take your money and run per say.


Debt settlement is when you work directly with your creditors and they will accept a lower amount of money than what you owe them.  You must have the full amount to immediately pay.  This is not too bad of a way out of debt, if you have the funds to do so.

Even if you do have the funds to do debt settlement, not all of your creditors may be willing to work with you and give you a reduction in the amount you owe, so you would not get anywhere in the process with these creditors.  Also, creditors who do settle with you will send you a 1099 at the end of the year and you will need to claim the amount that the creditor wrote off as income on your next tax return.  You will most likely end up owing the IRS and that is just not pretty and there is not quick way out of owing debt to the IRS.

If you file for bankruptcy even in Chapter 7 where you will wipe out all of your debt and not have to pay back a dime, you will not receive any type of tax documentation.  You do not have to list a bankruptcy on your tax return.


Aren’t you already trying to do this?  Paying each month what you can afford to pay, but not really getting ahead.  It really depends on the amount of debt that you have if you will ever be able to get out of debt on your own.  If you don’t have much debt, then this will be a great option for you.  Unfortunately, the average american household has $15,000.00 in credit card debt, not to mention medical debt.  This is really no small amount to pull yourself out of.


Bankruptcy gets a bad rap in the minds of many.  Many think you have to be a deadbeat or scum of the earth to end up filing for bankruptcy protection.  This is not true, there are images6thousands of bankruptcies filed in the US each day.  Most are filed by families trying to get by, just like you.  Just because you file for bankruptcy does not mean that you are a bad person, just a regular person in a bad financial situation.

This is the fastest and easiest way to get out debt.  True, the bankruptcy filing will stay on your credit report for up to 10 years, but all of the options above will affect you for about the same amount of time.  The key to bankruptcy is afterwards paying all of your bills on time and not having debts go into collections.  You will be able to get new credit rather quickly if that is what you desire.  Under federal bankruptcy protection you can wipe out all of your debts and get a fresh financial start, without much penalty.


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We are bankruptcy attorneys located in Middletown, Ohio.  We specialize in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy filings.

If you have found yourself in financial difficulty, you may be considering bankruptcy.  Bankruptcy allows you to to discharge all of your unsecured debt through a bankruptcy discharge.  In a bankruptcy you may be able to reorganize your debts to make your payments more manageable – or even eliminate your debts totally.

While a bankruptcy can help you get rid of your debt in general, you may want to recommit to the terms of your mortgage if you can afford to pay it and you want to keep the home.  The promise to repay a mortgage after bankruptcy is known as reaffirming your mortgage debt, and whether you have want to take this step depends on your circumstances and the type of bankruptcy you file.


reaffirmation agreement is a legal contract that states your promise to repay all or a portion of your debt which you might have otherwise been released in a bankruptcy case.  Reaffirming your mortgage debt means recommitting to the terms of the loan and promising to pay it.  However, if homeyou default or fail to pay the mortgage, you could still face foreclosure.  If you decide to resign on your home you must commit to repaying this loan as if you reaffirm and then cannot make your payments you will have a foreclosure after your bankruptcy, this could lead to long term credit problems.  People usually file for bankruptcy because they cannot afford to meet their financial obligations, if that’s the case for you, reaffirming a mortgage debt might undue the positive aspects of bankruptcy.


If you are current on your loan payment and able to make future payments, reaffirming informs the lender that you intend to pay the mortgage.  This allows you keep your home during bankruptcy as long as you abide by the terms of the reaffirmation agreement and make payments.  When you reaffirm your debt this debt will report on your credit report and start rebuilding your credit right away.

If you do not reaffirm your mortgage debt, but continue to make payments, these payments may not be reported on your credit report.  These payments that you are making would not then be reported and will not help rebuild your credit.  Reaffirmation may also give you the chance to renegotiate the terms of your loan.


Each situation is unique and differs based on your payment history and your ability to pay in the future.  If you are able to keep your mortgage debt, reaffirming may help ensure that the mortgage company will report your payments to the credit reporting agencies.

However, if financial difficulties prevent you from making this commitment and you want to be released from your mortgage in bankruptcy, you should not sign a reaffirmation agreement. Reaffirmation leaves you personally liable for the debt, and you cant’ walk away from it after bankruptcy.

You should work with a bankruptcy attorney to decide if reaffirming on your mortgage debt is in your best interest.


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We are bankruptcy attorneys located in Middletown, Ohio.  Our firms main focus of practice has been bankruptcy for over 28 years.

Bankruptcy is generally designed to help people who are underwater with debt gain a fresh start.  While that is sound in principle, there is one group in our society who don’t really need a fresh start, they just need a clean end, and that’s our elderly.  We have a rapidly growing senior citizen population and while many have been able to plan for the future with quality pension and health insurance plans, there are just as many who rely on social security.  Problems really develop when this same group are suddenly hit with demands from creditors on debts they have co-signed on, often for their children and grandchildren.

In most cases, if a senior citizen is collecting social security, then they will most likely travel through the bankruptcy process with no problem, they won’t lose a thing.  Even if they own their home outright the exemption for Ohio is high enough that it will most likely protect their home.  They may even qualify to have their filing fee waived by the court.

Social security and pension plan payments are exempt from bankruptcy.  When it comes to assets, many of our seniors have little to show for their life’s work and what they do have is often well aged and with little resale value.  These assets are worthless to a bankruptcy trustee since the cost of selling them may well exceed the value earned.

What does concern many welfare workers in this area is the pressure our seniors place on images20themselves to pay debts when they are really struggling to pay for food and medication.  Many seniors today were raised that bankruptcy is not an option and do not see bankruptcy as a way for a fresh start and view it as a failure.  Many elderly need to realize it’s an option that may allow them to retire with a more comfortable lifestyle.

Contact our office today to see if bankruptcy will be able to help you or your aging parents get a fresh financial start.

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We are bankruptcy attorneys located in Middletown, Ohio.  Our main focus of practice is bankruptcy.  We have been serving Southern Ohio for more than 20 years.


Sometimes we get in over our head, things happen that are out of our control. Job loss, a medical emergency or a number of other issues could put you into this out of control spiral. fuel You have to eat and keep on your necessary utilities so that you can live and sometimes when this happens you may fall behind on your mortgage payments.  This is a scary thought, but it happens.  You just want to hide under the covers and hope that this situation will go away, of course, that is not going to happen, but things usually do get better and seem to work themselves out.  You will still have time to fix things.  A mortgage company will not usually start a foreclosure proceeding against you until you get about 3 months behind on your mortgage.  Once a foreclosure is started it will take approximately 6 months for it to complete.  Once a foreclosure is complete then your home will be transferred out of your name and you will have lost your home.  But you can stop this process if you want.

Most times we are able to pull ourselves out of that hole.  You find a new job or go back to work after your medical emergency and now you are back on top, but you may still be behind on your bills and mortgage and still in danger of losing your home.  Once you become so far behind on a mortgage the lender usually will want all of the funds that you are behind on before they will stop your foreclosure proceeding.  Most people are not able to come up with this large sum of money..but don’t worry there are still options.


Once you become so far behind on your mortgage as I stated above most lenders will want all of the funds you are in arrears with them.  Most people do not have these funds available, especially after rebounding from some medical or other catastrophic event in their lives.  This is forwardwhen you need to come and talk with an attorney.  Chapter 13 bankruptcy is available.  Chapter 13 is able to save your home.  Once you are under the protection of chapter 13 your mortgage company must stop all foreclosure proceedings, you will be under the protection of the federal government.  In your case you will have 3 to 5 years to pay back the arrears to your mortgage lender.  Your mortgage company must comply with these rules.  They will have to file a document with the court called a proof of claim to be paid.  They will be paid all of the arrears you owe and your regular mortgage payments going forward.  These payments will be made by the Chapter 13 Trustee.  When your case completes the Trustee will file documentation stating that all payments and arrears have been paid in the case, at this time the mortgage company will have a chance to agree or object and once the case completes they can not come back on you for additional fees.  This is a good thing.

As far as your unsecured debts, chapter 13 can help you with that too, as you will be only paying back a percentage of these and all interest will stop.


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