Cold Weather & Bankruptcy

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Isn’t this a nice winter we are having.  Plenty of snow, ice and cold!  This makes for high utility bills.  Just getting out of the bed in the morning seems to take a tremendous effort.  Beep Beep goes the alarm clock, but warm bed says your brain!  In the mean time even if you have set down the thermostat in your home you can hear your furnace or heaters working their little hearts away to keep your home warm.  Hopefully you winterized your home, put up the plastic to the windows, extra sealant around the door, block off rooms you don’t use.  These are all good and will help keep you warm.  But when the jet stream dips for days on end this will lead to more stress and higher utility costs.

Did you know that it is possible to file for bankruptcy protection and stop a utility shut off.  Yes, this is true, if you are struggling with your gas and electric bill you may file for bankruptcy on the past due amount to allow your services to remain on.

It is the time of year when your debt just swallows you up.  You just had Christmas and probably used your credit cards, now those debts are due.  Vehicles seem to break down more often in the cold weather, vehicles just aren’t made for this kind of environment.  And then you have the higher utility costs.  This could result in additional costs for your budget.  It can all become quite overwhelming.


Do not stress over all of this!  Bankruptcy may be the solution for all of your stresses!  Bankruptcy is designed to wipe out your debt and give you a fresh financial start.  You can file for bankruptcy protection on credit card debts, medical debts and a bankruptcy filing can stop a utility shut offs!

Contact our office today for your free consultation.  At this consultation you will be able to sit down and discuss your individual situation with one of our experienced attorneys.  The attorney will be able to guide you in the best direction for your financial future.


Do not stress over the fees of filing for bankruptcy protection.  At our law firm we will offer you a free consultation.  The attorney will quote you a fee at this consultation.  Our fees are fair and reasonable and based on your individual case.  A small retainer fee will retain our office.  Once you put down the retainer you will be able to refer your creditors to our office until your case is filed.  We will then accept monthly payments until you pay in full, then we file your case.  If you are able to pay all of your fees up front that is great too!


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