Bankruptcy and Medical Debt

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Bankruptcies resulting from unpaid medical debt will affect nearly 2 million people this year, making health care the main reason for bankruptcy filings in the United States. Health care debt surpasses bankruptcies due to credit card debt and unpaid mortgages. Even having health insurance does not protect consumers from incurring massive medical debt. Even outside of bankruptcy millions of adults between the ages of 19 and 64 struggle with health care debt. If you think only Americans without health insurance face financial troubles, think again. There is an estimated 10 million adults with year-round health insurance that will still accumulate medical bills they can’t pay for this year. High-deductible insurance plans are requiring consumers to pay more out-of-pocket costs, this is a challenge to many households.

If you are struggling with medical debt, bankruptcy may be the solution to your problem.  Bankruptcy does not hold the old stigma of the past.  In todays economy bankruptcy is rather common.  There is no reason to be ashamed, bankruptcy is here for a reason, it is here to help people when they need it.  Many cannot help their current circumstances.

What medical debts can be discharged through bankruptcy? All medical debt is able to be discharged through bankruptcy. Hospitals and emergency service providers cannot refuse you service in the future if you were to file for bankruptcy protection. However, family doctors can refuse you service in the future so you would not want to file on them unless you were not going to use their services in future. The same theory goes with a dentist.

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